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Come and discuss how climate change is affecting Blaenavon

Come and discuss how climate change is affecting Blaenavon

8 March, 2019

How long have you lived in Blaenavon? Have you been here long enough to have noticed dramatic changes in local weather over the years?

If so, you may be interested in an event the Town Council is hosting at Blaenavon Workmen’s Hall next Wednesday (13 March).

Climate expert Dr Alan Netherwood will be giving a presentation discussing what the town’s weather might be like in future and how we can all cope with the changes that are predicted.

The two-hour session, from 3.30-5.30pm, will include workshops, feedback and refreshments.

The event is part of a project called Climate Ready Gwent, funded by Welsh Government, to ‘capture the lived experience’ of climate change in local communities and inform how the five Gwent Public Services Boards approach climate adaptation.

Those attending will be asked to discuss:
• what Blaenavon’s climate might look like by 2040 and what impacts this might have on the community and landscape
• their own experience of climate change over the past decades – what changes they have seen in the seasons, nature and the weather
• their experience of managing in severe weather (which we can expect more of in future) such as severe storms, high rainfall, heavy snow and extreme heat

“We’ll also be talking about how we think the town can adapt to the changes that are coming – how can we ensure our kids, grandchildren and elderly cope with climate change,” said Mayor Cllr Gareth Davies.

“The results will be fed back to the Town Council and into another session at the World Heritage Centre on 20 March, eventually being presented to Welsh Government.”