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Covid 19 - Blaenavon Community Resources

Covid 19 - Blaenavon Community Resources

During this challenging time, health and wellbeing of the entire community and getting help to our more vulnerable residents are our priority.

This live document will provide information to particular resources and support that is available.

Please contact these schemes directly if you need assistance. Please do not hesitate - people are ready and want to help you.

If you can give assistance that will benefit the community please contact the relevant scheme and volunteer.

You can also use the postcard scheme on the back page to offer assistance directly to your immediate neighbours.

Don’t put your health or that of others at risk when being a good neighbour, but if you can, help those in need.

If we all work together we can reduce panic, isolation and get practical assistance when it is most needed at this incredibly challenging time.

This leaflet will be updated as new information and resources are updated.